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We wanted to provide millennials with the tools, techniques and resources to thrive in life, not only in their finances but in all areas of life. We soon realized that the seminar would not be enough. People wanted more, people wanted to learn about financial concepts, life design principles that were practical, how this all connected and what they could use on a daily basis. 
After lots of research we developed ThriveU!

In collaboration with Triple Win Inc. we are a team of Certified Financial Planners, Accountants, Financial Coaches and a Certified Life Coach that are here to serve you. We want to teach you everything we know, to improve your financial skills, life skills and encourage you to live the life of your dreams!

It all started withcreating a seminar to teach millennials about finances.

You can Thrive when your Life and Life Flow work together simultaneously so that you afford the life of your dreams. You can enjoy the freedom to Thrive in life. 



How you allocate your income and spending to live your life. 


Live in alignment with your values

to reach your goals and dreams.

ThriveU™ offers programs and services that guide and support 
you to thrive in all areas of life while being empowered to lead 
a balanced lifestyle. ThriveU™ focuses on integrating your life 
with your money to discover how to live and love your authentic 
and meaningful life. We equip you with the tools, resources and 
education to gain financial and personal confidence so you have 
the ability to achieve your goals & dreams! 

We can help you

 thrive in life. 

Learn how to live your better life.

it's time to


Be empowered to take ownership of all aspects of your life and have the strength and motivation to live the life of your dreams.