What does THRIVE mean? 

THRIVE to us means: To be successful in all areas of life in a unique way that is defined by you. The areas of life are: financial, physical, social, personal and professional. 

Who is the program for?

Individuals and couples ages 18-35.

Who are the coaches? 

Melanie Alexander and Adam Alexander are your coaches. See the Thrive Team page for detailed biographies. 

How do I decide between Thrive Bootcamp and ThriveU Membership

There are 2 main differences between Bootcamp and Membership. 

​1: Bootcamp is 1 day, Membership is a ongoing relationship with you and ThriveU

2: Membership has one-on-one personalized coaching sessions

See Program Details for more information. 

What does Life Flow mean? 
Life Flow is how you allocate your income and spending to live your life.  

What is a personalized Thrive Plan?

It is a 5 year financial and life plan that summarizes all the learning from the Thrive for Life Program. The Thrive Plan includes: 

- Personal Values 

- Personal Standards and Beliefs 

- Current Reality and Master Action Plan (MAP) to reach your Ideal Reality 

- Short term goals and long term dreams

- Life Flow 

- Thrive Plan Total

- Thrive Plan Celebration Board  

How do I pay for the program? 

Payments can be made via cheque, e-transfer, or Paypal.

Are workshops available online? 

Yes, live Skype call available as participation in Thrive Bootcamp and ThriveU Membership.  

Is food provided at the workshops?

Yes, food is provided. Snacks, lunch and drinks will be provided. Please contact us if you have any food allergies. 

What should I bring to the workshops? 

You do not need to bring anything to the workshops. If desired you can bring a laptop or notebook. 

Where will the workshops be held?

Oakville, Ontario area. Specific address will be provided upon registration. 

What if I am unable to attend one of the workshops? 

Accommodations can be made, please contact us directly to assist you further.

What kind of knowledge do I need before I attend the workshops? 

None required, we will cover the basics of finances to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

What should I expect from the one-on-one coaching sessions? 

Your Thrive Team will partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal potential. Your Thrive Team will support you, hold you accountable, encourage and challenge you through powerful questioning and coaching tools to empower you to take action towards the goals and dreams you have set for yourself. Your coach will support you in understanding your Life Flow and guide you towards affording your life. 

How long are one-on-one coaching sessions?

45 min. to 1.5 hour.

How can one-on-one coaching sessions be done?  

Sessions can be done in person in Oakville, via Skype, phone or GoTo Meeting.

Are the one-on-one coaching sessions confidential?  

Yes, we follow the ethical guidelines distinguished by the International Coaching Federation. Please click herefor further details.  

Will I need to spend time on this program outside of workshops and coaching?  

Yes. Examples: completing a Life Flow, taking action on goals and plans that you want to make in regards to your finances or other areas of life. 

How much time do I have to put aside for these programs? 

It all depends on the person. Some people may put in 2 hours going through their finances and setting plans for goals they want to achieve and some people may put in 20 minutes. 

Do you have payment plans? 

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans for the ThriveU Membership. Contact Us for details. 

Is this course tax deductible? 

This course is not personally tax deductible but could be considered a business expense at your discretion. 

What is Triple Win Inc.? 

Triple Win Inc. is a leader in providing today’s middle class with the Financial Process needed to afford your life. They are your partner throughout your life as you strive to get ahead and will be there through all the challenges that you face in life.  Celebrating with you as you close the gap between the life you want and the one you are living. As your Dreams are realized, your Better Life is revealed. For more details click here.

Have another question?

Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions​


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