Melanie has a passion for supporting people to Thrive in all areas of life. She encourages and empowers people to take action, take control and take responsibility towards achieving their greatest potential. She is on a mission to inspire people to live a life of meaning and purpose. She is a Certified Professional Coach who studied at the International Coach Academy. She holds high standards and abides by the International Coach Federation ethics and competencies. When she is not Life or Health Coaching, you can find her walking her dog Brody, cycling, designing her future home or deeply invested in the next coaching or self-development book! 

A note from Melanie: 

"I believe that each of you are unique with an authentic personality waiting to be unleashed. My job is to support you in living your authentic life, true to who you are."

My promise to each of you is to: 

  • Support and listen to you and your needs
  • Challenge you to positively shift perspectives to reach breakthroughs and your potential
  • Support you in understanding and implementing your ideal life
  • Support and encourage you to follow your dreams
  • Come alongside you to develop your Master Action Plan (MAP) for achieving your goals and dreams
  • Hold you accountable to the actions you are committing to take
  • Encourage a creative, safe and confidential space for exploration and brainstorming
  • Provide you with additional resources for further development  

I look forward to meeting you!


With a passion to help others, Adam takes great pride in helping the Millennial generation gain a greater understanding of their personal finances and how those finances directly relate to their life. He believes these two go hand-in-hand to build a solid foundation for your financial future. On top of the many years of exposure to finances with parents who are leaders in the financial planning arena, Adam continued his education at Conestoga College where he studied Business Accounting. Working with the leaders at Triple Win Inc. has given Adam the unique ability and expertise to customize each Thrive Plan to suit your individual needs, goals and dreams. You’ll find Adam to be very friendly! Be fair warned, if you get him talking he probably won't stop and if you challenge him to gaming, he will probably kick your butt! But no worries, with his stress free attitude he will make your finances both manageable and an enjoyable journey!  

A note from Adam: 

"I am very excited to take this journey with you and share my knowledge of finances and how it can be applied practically to improve your life and for you to Thrive."

My promise to you is:

  • Teach you the basics of finances and how it can be practically applied to your life
  • Help you have a greater understanding of where your money goes
  • Ensure that discussing your finances is as stress free as possible
  • Answer all your questions about finances and if I don't know or am unsure of the answer at the time I will get you a firm answer from my Triple Win team
  • Hold you accountable to your Thrive Plan that you have put together at our workshops and help you continually improve it
  • To use Triple Win Inc.’s network to provide you with additional experts in various relevant fields
  • Provide you with additional resources for ongoing learning and development

I am eager to chat with you!



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